Confirmation, if needed …

Upon reading a forum inhabited by clever geezers who run web systems and things, I chanced on a mention of our education system. It seems that this “geezer” had a Polish workmate who, having worked here for a few years decided to return to Poland, with his wife and children, of course.

This proved to be a disaster, for the children were now so far behind their former Polish school peers they were in fact disabled! Moral: get a job here, get an education in Poland! This is in the same week the New Labour Luvvies were praising the baby academy in Newham!

We hear in Bexley, of the changeover of councillors on the local Care board resulting from the Labour Luvvies losing control in the last election. So, pink fellas out, mauve fellas in. Will anyone see or experience any changes in conditions in Bexley? Any at all? Or have the ritual changeabouts of “democratic elections” merely changed one bunch of self-interested career-mongers for another?

I have been testing out the local water for any attempt by these reputedly IT-intent New Labour Luvvies to enable Linux introduction into schools and small businesses, for their obvious improvement as well as the even more obvious cost reduction. My next blog might well go into that a bit more, but for now, thank you WordPress for a really very pleasant experience of a blog site – it augurs well.

See ya! Cheers, Don

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