Divisions enough …

This morning I sadly note the apology from the Observer for putting its price up again, yet I thank it for dealing with a Blairite cabinet split so well. For with the country riven by divisions enough, the reactionary bible-bashers-in-chief (Blair and Kelly) attempting to water down proposed legislation because of their churches’ opposition stinks – well, it stinks as badly as most of Blair’s policies.

Well, they say, in paraphrase, “Let’s have no victimisation, no hatreds. Except if they’re queer, of course. We don’t like that. Can’t give them any more freedoms, can we?”

Some geezer put his prejudices on record back in the early days of man and the present-day purveyors of unaccountable myth say “Oh, yes, we can hate them too now, along with others who don’t like what we say. We could even kill a few, I suppose … ”

This is the land where great brains once led. Newton, Darwin, Faraday, Mill, Shakespeare – blimey, do I really have to spell them all out? We grew out of all this superstitious rubbish. We did. Once …

Grow up, please. Please?


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