I don’t know what to make of the new legislation on “Employment Equality (Age) Regulations”. These rules make it illegal to discriminate against people because of their age. Quite right and about time too. It is 40 years since we had the same thing for race equality. So it is right that the old folk who have done so much for the old “Green and Pleasant” should have equal rights with all our other citizens.

However, do we really want to work over the age of 65? I’m afraid that the older workers will be made to feel guilty if they want to pack up and take their pensions. We oldies worked hard to get better working conditions and shorter working weeks. The youngsters have given all this away and seem quite happy to work Sundays, Bank Holidays and so on.

I expect this law will provide lots of lucrative work for the lawyers. The employers will try very hard in future to keep the senior staff working, as many young people are unemployable. A third of large companies in England have to send new staff to special training classes in order to get their basic reading, writing and arithmetic up to an acceptable level. So it seems that old people will have an obligation to work until they drop. Do they really want equal rights? I doubt it. I think that like most minority groups they do not want equality, they want privilege; but unlike most minority groups they have earned the right to privilege.


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One Comment on “Equality”

  1. sprinkledis9 Says:

    Yup – and this guy has worked at the community coalface for years. But he shouldn’t ask New Labour what’s next though, eh, please – that’s frightening …

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