Today again …

Well it ain’t Monday, so that’s good. Have you checked what passes for news these days?

Press release: “Madonna says ‘The other Malawi children can eat cake.'”

Press release: “Republicans’ election campaigners: ‘Don’t mention the President!'”

Press release: “Brown dissociates himself from Blair’s Catholic campaigning.”

Well, I didn’t make it all up ….

I had an elbow nudge the other day re this blog: “Wossalldatabout? Nuffinterdowiv Thamesmead wossit?” OK, OK, that was not actually from one of the staff at the hugely costly Thamesmead (Bexley) Academy. I’m sure it wasn’t. Positively so. Really.

Is it failing nicely enough for you, eh?

But the point was made, so here’s an answer (it’s the answer really, but who’s picky?): the whole New Labour bandwagon, which has given us Iraq being illegally invaded, huge increases in religious tensions, the cessation of accountability of MPs and Councillors, decimation of the legal aid system, privatisation of everything (except god, so far), the idiocy of PFI, the desperate NHS … do you really want me to go on?

OK, OK, Thamesmead then – well what have been the effects on Thamesmead of the New Labour Luvvies’ attentions? Social degradation, ghettos, grime, graffiti, gang warfare …

Now the people of Thamesmead didn’t do that. It was the responsibility of the expensive “experts” (usually, failed councillors) with their New Labour fetishes. We had a chance before they took over.


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