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Cool Earth
Johan Eliasch, a businessman, has purchased 400,000 acres of Brazilian rainforest for £8m in order to preserve it. Frank Field, a Labour MP, got in touch with Mr Eliasch and now they have set up a scheme called “Cool Earth”. This allows members of the public to buy small plots of rainforest and ban loggers from cutting down the trees.

The scheme will be launched over the next three months. I am pleased to think that there are people about who care enough to implement such a scheme and have the foresight to help save the planet.

David Cameron’s standing ovation at the recent Tory Conference really surprised me. In fact the whole thing left me with a strange feeling that I haven’t experienced since listening to fairy tales whilst sitting on my grandmother’s knee.

I had always thought of Conservatives as believing in low taxes, not spending too much on the National Health Service, heterosexual marriage – and that our present Labour Prime Minister is a disaster.

It appears that I was wrong. Young Dave told his followers: “We should not insist on tax cuts, the NHS is a ‘symbol of social solidarity’, gay marriage is a good thing and Tony Blair deserves credit.” This gave him the standing ovation!

Glancing around the audience, as shown on TV, I hardly recognised the Tory faithful. Most were under 50, there appeared to be more women than men and there was a good mixture of ethnic (ie brown/black) faces. This scene, it seemed to me, was designed by advertising executives. When the cameras moved around to the more usual Conservative figures, I thought they looked very ill at ease.

To get elected they must banish Redwood, Tebbit and their ilk from public view. They must not emphasize tax cuts and getting out of the EU, or clamping down on immigration and so on.

They say that the NHS is top priority, but if you believe that it will not be among the first things they cut back on, I think time will prove you wrong.

Flat Daddies
The American army is issuing life-size cardboard cut-outs of its soldiers to their families. These can be placed in various places, such as at the dining table at meal times, which is said to boost the morale of the children. Some states are also giving away flat “mommies”. Sounds a bit spooky to me. Please don’t let this idea catch on in England.


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