No-go lands

We were thinking last night of doing some shopping – up in the so-called Thamesmead town centre, at Icelends. This morning – bright, breezy, showery and early – we reconsidered.

We once used Icelands because of their home delivery service – the prices of their goods were less important than that convenience, as we are disabled. But, we are told, drivers are now too frightened to drive the delivery vans: too many have been mugged and robbed whilst making those home deliveries.

So no drivers – no home deliveries – no shopping at Icelands.

For those smug tarts suggesting Morrisons as an alternative: get real, Morrisons doesn’t do home deliveries. Shoppers are just as vulnerable to attack whilst awaiting a cab outside its store, anyway.

If anyone thinks the answer to all this is shopping on the Internet, get real, will you? A £5 charge for delivering stuff to you that you’d have rejected as too poor in quality if you’d seen it in the store?

So the Thamesmead town centre is fast becoming as much a no-go area as Arnott Close or Titmuss Avenue of an evening. As this removal of our freedoms progresses, will it become difficult just to live here? Will we not be able to walk our streets or stock our larders at all?

Times, they are a-changin’ …


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