Old folk and the NHS

The Government has a tricky job in trying to sort out priorities in the way the Health Service spends its cash allocation. It seems to think it is the right action to take to spend £1.5 thousand million on management consultants. Maybe they are worth their pay.

The Government says that this is cost effective, but paying £2.50 per day on a drug to slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s is not.

There has been an increase in the prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs with serious side effects to troublesome elderly patients suffering from dementia. This sedates the patients which covers up the shortage of properly trained staff to care for them.

Our politicians should think ahead on this problem, which is quite common in many geriatric wards and private care homes. One day they may need the services offered by these establishments. They should do something about it now.

Nobody will take any notice of them when they are inmates.


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