Most people in England are unaffected by the war in Iraq.

Some use it as a topic of conversation to express racist views or to criticise the Government or America. I do think that the British Government could have handled the situation better. Throwing all our efforts in with Bush was an error.

Bush said that in the fight against terrorism “You are either with us or against us!” If Britain had adopted that attitude in the past we would have been at war with America long ago.

He was obviously against Britain and with the terrorists when he allowed the IRA to collect money in the USA for their fight against us. Having experienced guerrilla tactics by the IRA and Vietnamese, etc, you would think that the western powers would have learned a lesson.

In such cases politicians should consult and take heed of the military people whose job it is to assess the prospects and result of a conflict.

As for the Iraqi people, well, frying-pans and fires spring to mind. According to the Lancet, in the three years (2003-2006) of low intensity war, the death toll of Iraqis has now topped 650,000.

Compare this with the British and Commonwealth military casualties in the six years of the second world war: only 600,000. Check these figures if you don’t believe me.
Somebody should be able to come up with a solution quickly to put an end to this slaughter.

I believe we are paying the price for having “career” politicians who have little experience of life outside government office.


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